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Laminating Materials

Laminating Materials

Coating, covering, laminating NIKKAN expeditiously develops and offers not only existing electric insulating materials and packaging materials, but also those materials which res and to new market requirements including these needs.


Electrical Insulating Materials – Insulating Composite Materials

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Introduction to NIKKAN Departments(Laminated Products Department)

The Laminated Products Department handles materials for flexible wiring boards that are suitable for downsizing and higher performance of electronic devices since they are thin and light, and more importantly, flexible. The product lineups include copper-clad laminates (CCL) for flexible wiring boards, cover layers (CL) and adhesive sheets as well as rigid-flexible compatible materials, a combination of FPC and rigid boards, thus allowing us to meet diversified user needs. All of these products are manufactured at our production subsidiary Takahagi Nikkan Co., Ltd., which has acquired ISO9001 certification, to ensure a structure to provide high-quality products.


Laminated Products Department
Tel: 03-3723-9853 / e-mail: fcm@nikkan-ind.co.jp

Osaka Seles Office
Tel: 06-6150-2811

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