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Management Philosophy

NIKKAN remains fully committed engineering driven by Innovation and originality.

Management Philosophy

We support your technical innovation with our accumulation of core technologies and unique idea based on your needs.

Our aim is to develop technology which is small scale in size, but plays critical part in product function. Since its foundation, NIKKAN INDUSTRIES has been cultivating the core technologies of “coating”, “laminating” and “layering” materials. Our basic stance is to respond to the technology demands of our customers. Always keeping our eyes on their future needs, we create products with new ideas and original technology development skills. And our business processes are always consistent with this “user-oriented” spirit. Product needs are changing at mind-boggling speed, and development cycles are getting shorter every year. In light of this background, we have prospective ideas, and we apply generous resources to technology development to turn these ideas into products. Technologies to serve customers’ needs. Products to serve customers’ needs. NIKKAN INDUSTRIES contributes to our society by creating valuable products that support the technical innovation of our customers.

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