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Approach to Environmental Issues

Approach to Environmental Issues

Recognizing that protection of the global environment is the most important task common to humankind in every field of our business activities, NIKKAN INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. aggressively contributes to protecting the global environment while giving extra consideration to environmental protection in all spheres of corporate activities of the NIKKAN INDUSTRIES Group.

Basic principles

  1. Promote the prevention of environmental pollution and continuously improve the environmental management system.
  2. Position our efforts for environmental protection as the most important task for the management, and promote it through uniform cooperation among the management and all employees.
  3. Promote the establishment of organizations and environment-related rules in order to efficiently and continuously perform the task.
  4. Promote awareness of the finite nature of the global environment, and work on the promotion of energy saving, resource saving and recycling and reduction of waste.
  5. Do not use substances that place a heavy burden on the environment. Promote switching from substances placing a burden on the environment to alternative substances whenever technologically and economically possible.
  6. Comply with environmental regulations and other environmental consideration clauses agreed with related organizations.
  7. Formulate environmental objectives and goals to act systematically, and voluntarily review the activities to promote continual improvement.
  8. Provide employee education and conduct public relations activities in order to increase awareness about environmental issues, and familiarize related affiliates and partner companies with the environmental policy to ask for their understanding and cooperation.
  9. Realize and maintain this policy, and keep all employees informed of the policy.
  10. Make this environmental policy available to the public as requested.

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