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June / 2012

Nikkan Industries participated in the 42nd International Electronic Circuits EXPO (JPCA SHOW 2012) held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Site) over the three days from June 13 to June 15, 2012.

The booth boasted a large 1,500mm panel and was illuminated on all sides with LED lighting for an eye-catching booth with decorative touches to maximize impact.

The exhibit focused on new products and products under development in the Laminated Products Department and the Printed Circuit Materials Department including SAFC, a new heat-resistant material, low-dielectric material (CL/BS), NIKRAM, an electromagnetic wave absorption sheet and halogen-free, high heat-resistant, low-thermal expansion and high comparative tracking index (CTI) core and prepreg materials. The exhibition included practical applications, which drew a lot of attention and gave visitors to the booth a clear idea of potential uses for the products. Half of the visitors to the booth showed a keen interest in the new heat-resistant material, SAFC.

April / 2012

Notice regarding structural changes to our Organizational Framework

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued custom and patronage.
Please find below information regarding structural changes, which are to be made to Nikkan Industries, effective as of April 01, 2012. The structural changes below are being implemented with the aim of reinforcing our business operations and as part of our efforts to ensure we remain a valuable partner to all of our stakeholders amidst the recent business environment.
I look forward to your continued support and custom in the years to come.
(Details of changes)
1. Abolition of our business division system
As of April 01, we will be abolishing our two-division system (Electric Materials Division and Specialized Materials Division) in order to further streamline our organizational framework with the Business Headquarters overseeing all operations with the aim of allowing for greater sharing of information, faster decision making and more effective management.

2. Abolition of the Planning Department
As of April 01, the Planning Department, originally part of Administration Headquarters will be abolished and its role will be carried out by Business Headquarters in order to further streamline our organizational framework.

3. Integration of business groups
We have also made the move to integrate the business groups affiliated with each of our business divisions. The newly established business group will be managed by Business Headquarters in order to streamline our management framework. This integration was implemented on October 01, 2011.

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