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July / 2008

NIKKAN Industries ran a booth at the 38th International Electronic Circuits Expo (JPCA Show 2008), which was held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center “Tokyo Big Site” from June 11 to 13, 2008. Emphasizing the main theme: Based on our three technologies in “Coating”, “Sticking” and “Laminating”, we can cooperate closely with our clients in developing practical applications. Our FCM Sales and Market Dept. exhibited highly heat-resistant cover lays and environmental-friendly materials, the PCM Sales and Market Dept. exhibited highly heat-resistant materials and FPC reinforced plates and the SM Sales and Market Dept. exhibited semiconducting laminates, all with enthusiasm. During the event, a large number of customers visited our booth, and fired questions to our staff while staring into our exhibits.


January / 2008

From January 16 (Wednesday) through January 18 (Friday), 2008, the 37th NEPCON WORLD JAPAN was held at the Tokyo Big Sight ,As with the last year’s event, NIKKAN Industries participated bin the “9th PRINTED WIRING BOARD EXPO”. The NIKKAN booth presented exhibits mainly focused on halogen-free materials, new high Tg halogen-free materials (F-77V, CKSI, SAFG and SAFJ), halogen-free stiffener boards with lower particle generation (L-6555 and L-6527)and a laminate for automobiles (NTN-2162). The booth also exhibited a copper clad laminate and a prepreg that offers highly heat resistant property and lower-thermal expansion (L-6704XC and P-6704X),as well as halogen-free copper clad laminate and a coverlay film that is durable at high temperature and for higher-flexible applications (F-82V and CKSL), as newly developed products. We also exhibited examples in which NIKKAN materials were built, such as driver for PDP, as HDD camera and DSC, an FPC for camcorders, materials for carrier boards under soldering process and materials of IC checking tools. Nikkan materials have attracted many visitors there by their superior properties.


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