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June / 2006

NIKKAN Industries ran a booth at the 36th International Electronic Circuits Expo (JPCA Show 2006), which was held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center “Tokyo Big Site” from May 31 through June 2, 2006. With the theme “NIKKAN’s Technologies for the Forefront of IT from Flexible to Rigid Materials, “we exhibited our flexible materials, laminate materials and specialized materials at our booth set up in the area called “FPC Expo 2006.” NIKKAN’s exhibits of flexible materials and laminate materials comprised high-density, high-performance and eco-friendly materials, while the specialized materials consisted of glass-epoxy resin materials for mounting jigs and various laminated products.


March / 2006

The 2006 CPCA Show was held in Shanghai, China, from March 22 through March 24, 2006. Our company ran a booth at the show for the first time. Under the theme: “From Flexible to Rigid – NIKKAN’s Technologies for Advanced IT,” we exhibited specialized materials such as flexible, laminate and mounting materials through panels and set products. Reflecting the ever expanding Chinese market, the NIKKAN booth welcomed a large number of visitors throughout the show.


January / 2006

From January 18 through January 20, 2006, the 35th INTERNEPCON WORLD JAPAN was held. As with the last year’s event, NIKKAN Industries participated in the “7th PRINTED WIRING BOARDS EXPO”. The NIKKAN booth presented exhibits mainly focused on environmentally friendly materials at three sections: “Halogen-free,” “Sub Materials” and “Laminates.” At the product introductory section, we displayed electronic equipment that uses our products with explanatory panels describing their final use, and attracted interest from a large number of visitors.


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