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June / 2005

NIKKAN Industries ran a booth at the “JPCA Show 2005 (35th International Electronic Circuits Expo)” NIKKAN Industries ran a booth at the 35th International Electronic Circuits Expo (JPCA Show 2005), which was held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center “Tokyo Big Site” from June 1 through June 3, 2005. With the theme “NIKKAN’s Technologies for the Forefront of IT from Flexible to Rigid Materials!,” we exhibited our flexible materials, laminate materials and specialized materials at our booth set up in the Flexible Area called “FPC Expo 2005.” In particular, flexible materials, such as double-layer materials, high-Tg halogen-free materials, and cushion materials of flexible sub materials attracted much interest from a large number of visitors.


January / 2005

NIKKAN Runs a Booth at the 6th PRINTED WIRING BOARDS EXPO: The INTERNEPCON WORLD JAPAN, Asia’s Largest Expo in the Electronics Industry From January 19 through January 21, 2005, the INTERNEPCON WORLD JAPAN was held. As with the last year’s event, NIKKAN Industries participated in the “6th PRINTED WIRING BOARDS EXPO.” The NIKKAN booth presented various exhibits, including materials for high Tg halogen free FPC, materials for high flexibility FPC materials under high temperature, materials for rigid-flex printed wiring boards, materials for all polyimide FPC, materials for halogen free printed wiring boards, materials for high heat resistance printed wiring boards, and materials for PCB/FPC carrier boards, and attracted interest from a large number of visitors.


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